FAQ and answers about all our escorts in The Midlands, UK

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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our escort services in The Midlands, UK. After reading this information, you can call our receptionist, to get answers to your more special questions.

1. I really need to book in advance?

Not. You can book at the last minute and if you decided later. Of course, the number of escorts available immediately is lower. Therefore we recommend you to book in advance. In this way, you will have more opportunities of choice.

2. Where I will meet this escort?

Location is your choice. Our only requirement is to meet escort in a location where there is not a physical and psychological risk for this girl. We have utmost care of our collaborators, as we take care of your private life.

3. How long will be the date ?

The shortest date is at least an hour, the longest is usually overnight. We recommend to book in advance for several hours. In this way you will benefit from significant discounts, and your fun will be relaxing.

4. Services to clients with disabilities?

No need to worry, we offer escort services for customers with disabilities. We do not discriminate, we believe that all gentlemen should have fun. Therefore we invite you to book your escort and enjoying feminine charm.

5. What payment methods can I use?

For customers located in the surrounding areas of our agency’s headquarters we recommend payment in cash. For customers at great distances from our headquarters, payment is made in advance by bank transfer.

6. Escorts accompany me on holidays?

Some girls accept to accompany clients on trips. Ask your receptionist if a girl is available for such services. Payment is made in advance for the entire period. We recommend you book in advance with at least a few days.

7. I can negotiate these rates displayed?

We have already made all efforts to ensure that the rates are lowest, so prices are not negotiable. However, you can benefit from significant discounts if you book several hours in advance.

8. I may have special requests?

Of course, we are a flexible agency, so your preferences are most important to us. These special requests should not affect the physical or mental health of our girls. Also, your special requests must be legal.

9. How do I prepare for the date?

Physical cleanliness is important. Our girls are understanding and will relax you from the first moment. So you do not have to do anything special. Behave yourself with good manners and everything will be perfect.

10. Can I book a date at a restaurant?

Your romantic date not necessarily have to take place at home or in a hotel room. You can for example to book Dinner Date Package, which offers 3 unforgettable hours. You must be a gentleman, you’ll pay the bill at the restaurant.

I have not found the answer to my question.

We understand that there may be more questions about escort services. Therefore, as an intermediary, we invite you to call our friendly receptionist and find answers that matter to you. We wish you a booking full of satisfaction!
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